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At the foundation of the Ksar of Ghardaia in 1048, it was the first building to be built on the highest point and most dominating of the hill.

In addition to two prayer rooms, several other infrastructures built around the mosque including “Mahdrates” located to the north and are reserved places for learning the Holy Quran, as well as a management and monitoring defense system of the city.

The mosque also has two minarets, the first, oldest, and much smaller in size, not exceeding six feet in height, and it currently remains at the top, the bottom being cleared to allow passage , the various works of extension. The second minaret, founded in the 16th century, the era of Sheikh Said Ammi, it stands as a pyramid, in turn at 23 meters from a base of about six square feet.

The different corners of the great mosque remain lively even after hours of prayer.

However, and unlike other mosques in the world, the mosque has a very specific feature related to the M'zab usually it is devoid of any decorative or superfluous elements.

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