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Editions of the OPVM

The OPVM inherited a considerable potential documents and archives which enabled him to constitute a documentations fund and to enrich it constantly. In one decade, the office carried out audio-visual publications in this inheritance:
•    CD. ROM, on the inheritance of M’ZAB:  (English, French).
•    CD. ROM, on the inheritance of M’ZAB: realized in English, Spanish.
•    DVD, on lime, production and use: Arab, French, English.
•    CD ROM on the inheritance of the valley of M’ ZAB. (French).
the OPVM Produced several documentary films on the inheritance of Mzab:
- A survey on the traditional urbanization of M'ZAB:    French/ Arab.
- Protection and development of M'ZAB:    French/ Arab.
- The Millennium City El-Atteuf:   French.
- El Atteuf: A history, an inheritance: French /Arab

- The traditional home in the valley of M'ZAB: French /Arab
- the corbusier and Mzab: French.                            
- The art of rock carvings in the M'ZAB valley.  Arab/French
- The immaterial heritage at the wilaya of Ghardaïa Arabic/French
* Lime: a building and restoration material.      (Arabic - French).
* Office of protection and promotion of the M'ZAB valley.      (Arabic, French).
* The protected sector of the M'ZAB valley.       (Arabic - French).
* The traditional house and Regulation of traditional urbanism.      (Arabic - French).
* The wilaya of Ghardaïa, material and immaterial inheritance.       (Bilingual).
* The traditional system of management and division of water of the floods in the M'ZAB valley.     (Arabic).
* The guide of restoration work.     (Arabic).
* The traditional house in the M'ZAB valley.     (Arabic).
* Paving stones “technical Guide of paving using the local stone”.   (Arabic).
* Ground architecture “in the M'ZAB valley”.   (Arabic).
* Maintenance and restoration of traditional facades.   (Arabic).

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